Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Xiao-nong Wang

Dr Xiao-nong Wang
Lecturer in Cellular Therapies
Haematological Sciences
Institute of Cellular Medicine
The Medical School
Newcastle University
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Dr Wang's research focuses on cellular therapeutic interventions including recent studies on the roles of regulatory T cells and mesenchymal stromal cells in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation and regenerative medicine. A common aim of Dr Wang's research is to identify risk factors, predict responsiveness, improve safety and optimise therapeutic efficacy with an ultimate goal to reduce therapy-related mortality and morbidity hence improving the overall outcome of the cellular therapy.

Dr Wang currently supervises five PhD student, including one of the Celleurope Early Stage Researchers working on the project, “Use of mesenchymal stromal cells as a therapy for graft-versus-host disease and regenerative medicine”.


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