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The project employs nine Early Career Researchers (in the first four years of their research career) and 3 Experienced Researchers (no more than four years work experience since gaining their PhD)

Early Career Researchers (ESR)

1.Rihab Gam, Newcastle University, United Kingdom Research Topic: Assessment of Molecular Biomarkers in Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

2. Pranali Shah, University Medical Centre Göttingen, Germany Research Topic: Predicting acute and chronic GvHD by gene expression profiling and testing of new targets

3. Dasaradha Jalapothu, University of Oslo, Norway Research Topic: Adaptive Repertoire Profiling a novel approach to predict GvHD

4. Mateja Kralj, Medical University Vienna, Austria Research Topic: Monitoring of GvHD and assessment of biomarkers for use post cellular therapy especially ECP

5. Sakhila Ghimire, University of Regensberg, Germany Research Topic: Monitoring Biology of GvHD using biomarkers and an investigation of epithelial inflammation in target tissues

6. Shuang Li, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic Research Topic: GvL effects of NK cells against human leukaemia cell lines - in vitro and in vivo studies

7. Margherita Boieri, University of Oslo, Norway Research Topic: Use of an animal model for studying GvHD/GVL and cellular therapies

8. Justyna Ogonek, Hannover Medical School, Germany Research Topic: Monitoring CMV reactivation and use of cellular therapy products (specific T cells) for CMV infection post HSCT

9. Monica Correia dos Reis, Newcastle University, United Kingdom Research Topic: Use of MSCs as a therapy for GvHD and regenerative medicine; investigation of mode of action and proliferative.

Experienced Researchers (ER).

The 3 ERs will mainly receive complementary skills training (e.g. project management, supervision of junior researchers, writing grant proposals)

1. Dr. Petra Mózes, Technical University Munich, Germany Research Topic: Determining soluble serum markers and membrane-bound NK ligands for the prediction of anti-tumour immune (GvL) responses and GvHD.

2. Dr. Marsela Qesari, Alcyomics Ltd, United Kingdom Research Topic: Comparative studies of the use of MSCs versus aptamers in GvHD responses using SkimuneTM, safety testing of CMV+ T cells and identification of targets by mRNA/miRNA analysis of GvH skin explants.

3. Dr. Michael Lutteropp, Miltenyi Biotech Gmbh, Germany Research Topic: Development of genetically modified T cells to target leukemic cells