Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Kim Pearce

Dr Kim Pearce
Chartered Senior Statistician
Haematological Sciences
Institute of Cellular Medicine
The Medical School
Newcastle University
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Dr. Pearce has worked for Newcastle University since 1996. She has been involved in many EU-funded projects as well as acting as a statistical consultant for several national companies.

The work of Dr Pearce has been published in many major journals and she has extensive experience in a wide range of biostatistical fields. Kim specialises in Cox regression, Kaplan Meier, competing risks analysis, logistic modelling and multivariate techniques including principal components and cluster analysis.

She has recently collaborated with European partners on the following projects:

(a) Community Innovation Survey II (2000-2001),
(b) Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (ETP) (2002-2003),
(c) Water Intermediaries (2003-2004)
(d) Kansei Engineering (KENSYS) (2005-2006)
(e) IMPORTNET (the analysis of international culture and collaboration in the workplace)      (2007-2009).
(f) The impact of Regulation (EC) No 1394/2007 on the development of Advanced Therapy      Medicinal Products (ATMPs): an academic perspective (2010-2013).


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