Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Jean Norden

Jean Norden
Senior Research Biomedical Scientist
Haematological Sciences
Institute of Cellular Medicine
The Medical School
Newcastle University
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Jean is chiefly involved in the development of novel molecular methods, the organisation of the molecular biology laboratory within haematological sciences and the running of Professor Anne Dickinson's molecular research. Specific interests include biomarkers for GVHD and the role of microRNA expression in HSCT.

Jean's background has been in NHS diagnostic laboratories; she passed the exam for the fellowship of the Institute of Biomedical Science in 1988 and is registered with the Health Professions Council. However she has been doing HSCT research for around sixteen years.

She is currently co supervising one PhD student, Sadaf Atarod who is nearing the end of her second year and also one of the Celleurope Early Stage Researchers, Rihab Gam, working on the project, “Use of MSCs as a therapy for GvHD and regenerative medicine; investigation of mode of action and proliferative potential.”


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