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Ernst Holler



Recruited Fellow

Sakhila Ghimire

Sakhila Ghimire

Professor Ernst Holler
Department of Hematology and Oncology
University Clinic Regensburg
Franz-Josef-Strauß-Allee 11
93053 Regensberg

Professor Holler leads the allogeneic stem cell transplant unit and program in Regensburg. His scientific research team is headed by Prof.Dr.Marina Kreutz. Professor Holler's expertise lies in the clinical role of cytokines, the use of cytokine antagonists in the control of graft versus host disease as well as graft-versus-leukemia. Another major topic of his clinical and preclinical research focuses on clinical and experimental aspects of endothelial and pulmonary complications as well as the interaction of innate immunity and the microbiome with GvHD and includes mouse models of GvHD. He previously worked for over 20 years in the Med Klinik III, Klinikum Grosshadern, University of Munich with Professor Hans Jochem Kolb. Professor Holler is an active member of the EBMT and CIBMTR. Prof Holler is involved in teaching activities at the level of the EBMT. Together with Prof Kolb he also collaborated on the ESH but also at the level of local graduate and postgraduate education. He is reviewer of major scientific journals in the field such as “Blood”, "BBMT", “Bone Marrow Transplantation. He was Partner on the EUROBANK, TRANSEUROPE and TRANSNET project and will continue to exchange samples and clinical data. Professor Holler's research is funded by several grants especially the 'Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft', the Deutsche Krebshilfe and the Wilhelm Sander Foundation. His group participates in a research group "ELITE" focusing on early changes in organ and stem cell transplantation supported by the DFG, and he is also partner in the newly established "Regensburg Center for Interventional Immunology" (RCI). Professor Holler will allow the collection of patient and donor samples, and aid in the correlation of results with clinical outcomes. He will take care of coordination of clinical training and trials based on the experimental results of the network. Prof Holler has been involved for many years in specialized training activities for BMT physicians organized by the European School of Haematology and the EBMT and has organized an outreach program of the Jose Carreras Foundation establishing allogeneic SCT in Bukarest, Romania. The Regensburg team employs 1 PhD research student.

Research Network Team

Professor. Dr Marina Kreutz, PhD, PD, Department of Internal Medicine III, (Haematology and Oncology), University of Regensburg (UREG). Dr Kreutz is heading the lab for experimental allogeneic BMT, and her expertise lies in macrophage biology, immunoregulation by vitamin D and metabolomics of tumors and the immune system. She is heading a DFG funded research group on "Tumor metabolism" and partner in the above mentioned institutes.

Prof.Daniel Wolff, MD, PhD has a professorship on GvHD funded by the University of Regensburg and the Jose Carreras Leukemia Foundation and is leading the German-Austrian-Swiss Consensus Project on chronic GvHD establishing guidelines for treatment of chronic GvHD patients. He is involved in European and German networks on chronic GvHD. His main scientific interest is immunoreconsitution with specific focus on B cell reconstitution after allogeneic transplantation.

Senior researchers cooperating within the team are Dr A Bouazzoui, PhD who is in charge of experimental mouse models of GvHD, Dr.Julia Ammer, MD, clinician and interested in immunoregulation by IDO and T regs in GvHD target organs and Dr.Elisabeth Huber, MD in charge of pathology and immunopathology of GvHD biopsies. Via the research groups and the RCI strong interactions are established with the group of Prof Dr Matthias Edinger and PD Dr Petra Hoffmann who are leading experts in biology and clinical application of regulatory T cells.

Recruited Fellows

Sakhila Ghimire, (Nepal) Early Stage Researcher.

Ms. Ghimire had her bachelor degree from Kathmandu University, Nepal with thesis titled ‘Isolation and selection of yeast and lactic acid bacteria from different ethnic murcha for developing improved starter' where she got a good experience in microbiological platform with handling and culturing bacteria and yeasts. She had her master degree in University of Bergen with the thesis entitled ‘The Formation and Function of Tunneling Nanotubes in Cancer Cells' where she intensively learned cell culture, cell labeling and microscopy.

During her master thesis she focused on formation of Tunneling Nanotubes in different cell lines and she quantified TNT formation using several techniques like cell culture, cell labeling and epifluorescence microscopy. She also has clear knowledge of live cell imaging where she analysed TNT formation live. Furthermore, she focused on endocytic organelles transfer from mesenchymal stem cell to different stages of breast cancer cell line using confocal microscope thus she possess technical expertise in the field of microscopy.

Ms. Ghimire had her successful thesis defense on 11 th October 2012 with highest possible grades and now her results are going for a publication where she will be one of the co-authors of a scientific journal.

Project Title: Monitoring Biology of GvHD using biomarkers and an investigation of epithelial inflammation in target tissues

Sakhila completed her project as a Marie Curie Fellow in April 2016.

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