Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Researchers Involved

This collaborative network involves the participation of researchers from across Europe.

Haematological Sciences Research Group, Newcastle University, United Kingdom (including Stem Cell Transplantation Research Group and Human Dendritic Cell Lab).

Dr Xiao Nong Wang, Senior Lecturer, experienced PhD supervisor with 10 years experience on the use of the skin explant assay.

Dr Kim Pearce, Chartered Senior Statistician.

Jean Norden, Senior Research Biomedical Scientist. – chiefly involved in the development of novel molecular methods, the organisation of the molecular biology laboratory within haematological sciences and the running of Professor Anne Dickinson's molecular research. Specific interests include biomarkers for GVHD and the roleof microRNA expression in HSCT.

Dr Lindsay Nicholson, Research Associate – expertise in molecular biology.

Dr Rachel Crossland, Research Associate – expertise in molecular biology with an emphasis on the biomarker potential of microRNAs.

Professor Matthew Collin, Director Haematology Transplant Service - expertise in dendritic cell biology in GvHD.

Dr Julian De Havilland, Quality Control and Production Manager in the Newcastle Biomedicine Cellular Therapies Facility - expertise in GMP manufacturing of clinical allogeneic and autologous cellular therapies; production of cellular transplantation products and Investigational Medicinal Products; GMP facilities management.

The Haematological Sciences section of the Institute of Cellular Medicine is the Northern Regional Transplant Centre for Leukaemia and Lymphoma with a population base of 3.0 million. Information on all transplants is centralised and data registered through the BMT team .
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Department of Immunology, Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Dr. Med. Christian Naper – expertise in rat immunology

University of Regensberg, Germany

Prof.Marina Kreutz is senior scientist and head of the laboratory on macrophage and dendritic cell function and on immunometabolomics. She supervises experimental assays in the context of the allogeneic stem cell transplantation and together with Prof holler, the PhD program of the Celleurope researchers.

Prof.Daniel Wolff is senior clinical attending in stem cell transplantation and head of the German-Austrian Swiss consensus process on daily clinical practice in chronic GvHD. He is involved in patient care, GvHD documentation and research on immunoreconstitution. Senior researchers cooperating within the team are Dr A Bouazzoui , PhD who is in charge of experimental mouse models of GvHD, Dr. Julia Ammer , MD, clinician and interested in immunoregulation by IDO and T regs in GvHD target organs and Dr. Elisabeth Huber , MD in charge of pathology and immunopathology of GvHD biopsies. Via the research groups and the RCI strong interactions are established with the group of Prof. Dr. Matthias Edinger and PD Dr Petra Hoffmann who are leading experts in biology and clinical application of regulatory T cells.

Hannover Medical School, Germany (Who's Involved)

Dr. Sylvia Borchers

Prof. Martin Messerle

Medical University of Vienna, Austria (Who's Involved)

Prof. Robert Knobler

Prof. Nina Worel

Prof. Winfried Pickl

Additional experienced personnel involved : The BMT team consists of Professor Peter Kalhs, Professor Werner Rabitsch und Professor Margit Mitterbauer involved in patient care, transplant-associated research and teaching at the Medical University of Vienna.

Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Prof. Petr Sedlacek

University Medical Centre, Göttingen, Germany

Leslie Elsner, Technician; Carina Hamann, PhD student; Antje Iserhagen, PhD student; Hannah Johannsen, MD student; Sebastian Monecke, PhD student; Charlotte Röhrborn, MD student; Ilona Maria Schirmer, PhD student

Collaborators include Prof Lutz Walter, Head of the Primate Genetics in the German Primate Center Göttingen, who is working on the immunogenetics of non-human primates.

Technical University Munich, Germany

Hanno Specht, MD; Mathias Gehrmann, PhD; Jessica Pelzel, TA; Sophie Gunther, MD student; Stephie Ertl, PhD student; Janina Erl, PhD student.

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