Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Bent Rolstad


Professor Bent Rolstad, UIO Partner,
sadly passed away July 2015


Front row left to right
Dasaradha Jalapothu, Margherita Boieri

Back row left to right
Marit Inngjerdingen, Bent Rolstad,
Christian Naper

Dr Marit Inngjerdingen PhD
Section of Anatomy
Department of Molecular Medicine
Institute of Basic Medical Sciences
University of Oslo

Inngjerdingen worked closely together with former UiO partner professor Rolstad, who tragically passed away July 2015. Inngjerdingen graduated with a PhD in immunology in 2001 at University of Oslo, and continued as post doc and senior researcher at University of California San Francisco and for several years at University of Oslo and later Oslo University Hospital. She is currently group leader at Department of Immunology, Oslo University Hospital with 3 PhD students and 3 master students. She is also associated with Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo. Her primary research interests are Natural Killer (NK) cells and their tumour immunosurveillance, with a focus on acute leukemia. Current research projects include signal transduction analysis by proteomics, longitudinal studies of NK cells in paediatric patients, and NK cell therapy in rat models of acute leukemia. Rolstad worked closely together with professor John T. Vaage at Oslo University Hospital co-ordinating a joint group, of which Inngjerdingen also is a partner. Rolstad focused on the mode of recognition of allogeneic normal hematopoietic cells in order to find novel strategies in preventing Graft-vs.Host (GvH) disease and promoting Graft vs. Leukemia (GvL) after alloHSCT for the treatment of blood disorders in an experimental animal system.

In CELLEUROPE they want more precisely to characterize the alloreactive T cell compartment involved in this process, both at the cellular and molecular level. They will also investigate whether subset of T cells and NK cells may favour a GvL response over a GvH reaction.

Research Network Team

Head physician Christian Naper, MD, PhD at Dept. Immunology, Oslo University Hospital, long-standing collaborative partner of professor Rolstad, and who have expertise in rat immunology and NK cell research. He is co-supervising the two fellows in Oslo together with Inngjerdingen.

Recruited Fellows

M.Sc. Margherita Boieri, Italy. Excellent proficiency in isolation and culturing of mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of patients, FACS analysis of different leukocyte populations. Awarded a Master Thesis at the University of Florence, Italy.

Project Title: Use of an animal model for studying GvHD/GVL and cellular therapies

M.Sc. Dasaradha Jalapothu, India. He worked on his Master project on “Characterization of novel cholera toxin binding glycoprotiens in murine intestinal tissues.” at University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Awarded Master Thesis in Molecular biology from University of Skövde, Sweden.

Project Title: Adaptive Repertoire Profiling a novel approach to predict GvHD

Margherita completed her project as a Marie Curie Fellow in April 2016.

Dasaradha completed his project as a Marie Curie Fellow in April 2016.

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